Monday, March 16, 2015

MAYA Final 

Ok so the whole reason I wanted to learn 3D modeling was because I wanted to use it to create a advertising work. Not just any work, but comprehensible illustrations. Stuff that you cant just take a picture of. This started months ago when I interned at a company called Mycorrhizal Application and they sold a product that is applied to the root or seeds of maturing plants. The product worked great but the challenge truly lied in informing consumers about the product. You cannot cut out a cross section of a crop to illustrate your products effect. So that's when I had the idea the 3D modeling could be a huge solution to this companies problem.


When I saw this ad I realized that this was exactly what this company needed. It has a prefect balance of 3D modeling and conceptual art. So I decided that this was going to be my final and that I would create a high quality print ready AD that I can have to showcase my skill and show Mycorrhizal Applications.


So my idea is to create a Corn plant and place it in an exposed plot of grown to illustrate this products root penetration and growth capability. After it is modeled I will texture & Bump map then bring it into Ps and photo edit the crap out of it. From there I will bring it into Ai or Id and add Text or any other effects to create a bad ass Ad

Workin it out

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Final Work in Progress!-Pre Production

Ok so here was the original rough idea that got the ball rolling.

From that point it was figuring out my design layout, you can read more about this in lover posts.

1) Rough Photo splice concept

2) I next started to bring in photos into Ai and vector them.

2)At this point I am hours deep and tired how ever you can see that I have reworked lines in order to create a transition. Also at this point I did not like the colors or the left end graphic so I worked on creating better visuals. 

3) So I have spent alot of time on this and its getting to the final composition and I am deciding if this is a final or if I should push the background composition more. . .


Monday, March 2, 2015

Project 5: Pre-Production FINAL WORKS

Tuesday, February 17

For project 5 I will be working towards the goal of a finished product.  Starting from an idea, moving towards pre-production and finally finishing with a product.  I will in the end be designing graphics for a long board. This will include an art sheet with a finalized graphics for a long board. The theme will be Oceanic- Beach Town.  By the end of this term I will have at least a final mocha up actual size of my final design.

Week 1 (Feb 17-23)
-Research, Research, Research 
-Create rough art sheet with design

Wee2 (Feb 24-Mar 2)
-Create a solid template for design
-Research rough design of graphic

Week3 (Mar 3- 10)
-Finalize graphics 
-Print our with art sheet specs 
-Figure out how to print/ what to print on

Week4 (Mar 11-17)
-Finish up all work 

            My working process at first is going to be very loose and non restrictive of any potential design ideas. In the beginning I will be thinking very roughly of the design, layout, elements that I might want to incorporate. Moving forward from brainstorming I will be figuring out the dimensions roughing out a lot of potential design ideas. Toward the end of the second week I will be well on my way to figuring out my final design. From that point on it will be a mad dash to finish up design and get full size mocha ups printed. 

My main issue for this product will be figuring out what to print my design on.  I feel comfortable with the rest of my materials, tools and design restrictions from there. 

Feb, 25 2015

So I have decided on a horizontal landscape for this project. In addition my composition is going to be focused on on the power of the ocean, as seen to the right with the illustration of the great wave.
In addition I want to infuse modern elements of fishing boats local to Cayucaus Ca, the town this will be displayed in. The elements will not only be a fishing boat but also Morro Rock and the 3 stack power plant that is positioned in the bay. I am also figuring out my color composition for this work currently.


It has been a crazy week/weekend I have so much going on right now and I planned on being a lot further along than where I am right now. Currently I still working on my rough sketches and trying to finalize my design. So I need to bust some ass to catch up and have a finished product design.

-Blog Out


WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS. I have so much going on and so much to do. Thankfully thought I have a final, birthday shopping, interview and most of my scholarship stuff out of the way. So it is time to get going on concept art and Maya.


So this is the rough idea that I have for my final. Right now this is just a series of composted images so the next step is to vectorize then and then print this bad boy out. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Maya Character Design

Mudbox so far is not my best friend but I am working on my character design skills. Its a trip molding a character in a 3D environment and it is taking some time to get use to it. Its totally true that in order to make a good character you need to start on a base mesh build style, and continue to refine the process and build upon layers of more and more complex mesh.


...Well this is not very enjoyable right now, because when mud box crashes and you don't have a saved copy of you character you don't have a character.